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David Luhr

I want to make the web more accessible and responsible.

I’m passionate about accessible design and development, eliminating waste, and creating quality learning content.

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I’m currently not accepting new clients with large projects.

However, I’m open to other opportunities, such as:

  • coaching individuals and teams
  • being a guest on podcasts and livestreams
  • speaking or teaching workshops at conferences
  • writing articles
  • creating courses

If you’re interested in working together or collaborating, feel free to email me directly:

I don’t do ad reads, affiliate programs, or sponsored content.

Current clients


I’ve been working with the team at Tasseled for the past year to develop their accessibility, design, engineering, and team practices.

My work has involved redesigning the marketing site and web app, overhauling accessibility throughout the product, defining engineering standards such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), and introducing true lean processes to all disciplines.

Featured past clients

Tailwind Labs

For a full year, I worked closely with Tailwind Labs, the team behind Tailwind CSS , Tailwind UI , Refactoring UI , and more.

My work was focused on accessible design and development, including building the official Figma kits for Tailwind UI , coding new Tailwind UI components , and supporting accessibility efforts for Headless UI .

Educational content

Build UX

Build UX is my YouTube channel that focuses on best practices for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, and designer-developer collaboration. I am committed to providing free, quality education to teach accessibility as a natural part of building great websites and products.

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