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David Luhr

I want to make the web more accessible and responsible.

I am passionate about accessible design and development, eliminating waste, and creating quality learning content.

My work

Tailwind Labs

I'm currently Lead Developer at Tailwind Labs, the team behind Tailwind CSS, Tailwind UI, Refactoring UI, and more.

My role is focused on accessible design and development, including building the official Figma kits for Tailwind UI, coding new Tailwind UI components, and supporting accessibility efforts for Headless UI.

Active projects

Build UX

Build UX is my YouTube channel that focuses on expert HTML, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, and designer-developer collaboration. I am committed to providing free, quality education to teach accessibility as a natural part of building great websites and products.

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Hyperspaces is a browser-based design and development tool I am co-creating with a colleague. We're building the app based on first principles of accessibility, efficiency, and performance.

The Unix Philosophy, lean manufacturing, Shape Up, StimulusJS, and other sources of inspiration are driving our approach. We're equally designing for an intuitive interface and coding syntax to break barriers between design and development and re-think how websites and web apps are created.

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In response to the volume of questions and requests I receive for help with accessibility, I am creating a course on accessibility that spans content, design, development, and testing. takes a holistic approach to learning accessibility by providing best practices across all aspects of building digital products. The course will break technical guidelines down into approachable patterns and tips, and a realistic example project will allow students to apply their learning in a meaningful way.

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Recent writing

My ask of you

If you're interested in my work, please thoughtfully engage with me on Twitter, YouTube, or by email:

While I am currently not accepting new clients, if you or someone you know is looking for help with accessibility, design systems, or frontend development, please keep me in mind for the future.