About David Luhr

David Luhr, Web and UX Designer, Front-End Developer
It’s possible to drive serious business results without killing the fun.

I love creating delightful and engaging websites that add value for users and facilitate better business. I enjoy taking on complex problems, improving processes, and measuring impact, all without being a grump about it. I champion Minimum Viable Experiences, continual iteration, and accessible/inclusive design.

I’m currently UX Developer at DockYard, a fully-remote digital product agency, where I work closely with design, engineering, and QA teams to build complex and accessible UI. The focus of my work is building and maintaining robust design systems and architecting performant markup and styles that scale.

Previously, I was Senior Web Designer and then UX Lead at Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I oversaw Westminster’s UX/web design, HTML, CSS, accessibility, content strategy, SEO, CRO, and web governance. In these roles, I sketched, mocked-up, prototyped, coded, and user-tested designs. I also conducted user research to inform information hierarchy and UI design. These culmulative efforts produced a 15% increase in academic applications and a 22% drop in global average bounce rate.

Outside of my full-time roles, I create videos for my YouTube channel, Build UX, which focuses on expert HTML, CSS, accessibility, and designer-developer collaboration. The main video series focus on refining designs in Figma and taking them from static mockups to robust and accessible user experiences.

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About This Site

This site's GitHub repo is live on my personal account and I'm hosting this Jekyll-powered static site on GitHub pages.

The design process followed my normal progression from rapid sketch iterations to digital mockups before diving into code.

Hand sketched iterations of the portfolio design
The best ideas only come to life at least 10 iterations deep. The sketch at the bottom right is quite close to the final site's visual direction.

For the original design of this project, I used the beta release Adobe Xd for the digital mockups and early prototyping. In the last year, I've switched to using Figma full-time for my design work.

Digital mockup of the portfolio site using Adobe Xd
Adobe Xd made quick work of settling on specific design details

In the code, I use SASS with a custom Gulp.JS setup to statically generate the site using Jekyll. I'm currently in the process of migrating the site to GatsbyJS so I can use my favorite React technologies, including styled-components.

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