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Titan Flash

Bringing excitement to a technical product in a stuffy industry


Titan Flash was an upcoming, innovative product that greatly simplifies and improves the effectiveness of waterproofing windows. The central challenge of developing the branding, marketing, and website for Titan Flash was to take a highly-technical product and make it exciting and approachable in a construction industry riddled with boring spec sheets, white papers, and ultra-serious product demonstrations.


Titan Flash is initially targeted for home builders and independent contractors, but will eventually expand scope to be marketed directly to homeowners. These known audiences allow the messaging to assume a strong familiarity with the challenges of easily, reliably, and affordably waterproofing windows. This also provides the opportunity to stand out against competitors who haven’t adapted to the digital age in their marketing strategy, nor differentiate themselves with engaging design and branding.


The main constraint for this project is making the most of a limited branding development budget. As a startup that is investing heavily in R&D for the innovative product, Titan Flash needs a nimble marketing site to announce the product to potential customers and generate hype in the industry.

Design process

The design process encompassed the entirety of the products brand—even its name. After workshopping several options for the product name, Titan Flash was chosen to communicate the product’s strength and resilience as a window flashing solution.

The name set the direction of the logo and resulting visual design system. The warrior helmet and weaponry, bold colors, and flat design aesthetic come together to create a brand that is both trustworthy in its protection and not overly serious or aggressive.

After iterations of sketching and medium fidelity mockups, I created full detail mocks of the website to sell the vision to Titan Flash stakeholders. This mocks were also paired with recommendations for the tone and personality of the messaging, as well as a clear direction for all educational materials and value propositions.

Mobile and desktop mockups of the Titan Flash marketing site
Mobile and desktop mockups of the Titan Flash marketing site to set visual direction and messaging tone


The product’s branding and website set a clear marketing strategy and sales angle for the stakeholders, who were able to generate hype and demand at industry events. After continued development as part of a rigorous product testing process, the stakeholders eventually decided to put Titan Flash on hold.